Surgery Follow-up

At BSC, superior quality patient care is our top priority. From the moment a patient steps into our clinic, we insure he/she is in a relaxed and caring environment. Our process is simple; we start with carefully examining the patient, provide him with the needed pre-operation recommendations then subsequently perform the required surgery, done by surgeons of excellence in obesity surgery.

Postoperative care begins immediately after surgery. It lasts for the duration of the patient’s journey till he reaches the perfect body he is willing to have.

Post-Surgery Programs:

BSC practices a patient-centered approach by focusing on the patient’s personal needs, wants, desires and goals to reach a healthy recovery. Below are the recovery programs we offer:

Nutritional Guidance Program

Our nutrition experts strive to offer the best care for patients who are dealing with various medical cases. This is accomplished by evaluating their medical and nutritional history in relation with nourishment. Following a formulated nutrition plan aids in improving mental and physical health.


Pre-surgery and post-surgery consultation ……


Post-surgery report (diet consultation + exercise program) for 1 month


Post-surgery report (diet consultation + exercise program) for 3 months

Slimming and shaping program

Physical activity is essential after Bariatric surgery. Our goal is to achieve desired results in losing weight, reducing skin looseness, as well as attaining a healthier lifestyle.The following packages are available at our center:


2 months program

2 diet consultations.
2 Tanita analysis.
Limited Slimming & Shaping sessions.
2 months training program


3 months Queen Program

3 diet consultations.
3 Tanita analysis.
Unlimited Slimming & Shaping sessions.
3 months training program with personal trainer.


6 months Queen Program

6 diet consultations.
6 Tanita analysis.
Unlimited Slimming & Shaping sessions.
6 months training program with personal trainer.

Vitamins and Food Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are vital to prevent nutrient deficiencies after surgery. As nutrition is compromised with gastric bypass surgery, it is recommended that patients take nutritional supplements in addition to having a balanced diet. Taking vitamins and food supplements after the surgery lasts for a specific period of time or for a lifetime depending on the patient’s personal profile.

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