Dedicated professionals striving to offer you luxurious services and beauty treatments. Our services include facial care, nail care, and massage therapy, in addition to Dermia Solution. A department passionate about your beauty.

Dermia Solution

A procedure that treats and stimulates skin cells. A specialist examines, smoothens, and clears the skin thoroughly before the beginning of the session. However, the work is completed through three different phases. The first phase is exfoliating the skin with a thorough scrub. The second phase is Mesotherapy; which rejuvenates the skin and opens the pores for filler and collagen insertion. The third phase reduces facial wrinkles. In addition to a medical technique that removes stains and unifies skin color.

Facial Care

A skin care routine dedicated to damage prevention, and skin rejuvenation. Effective solutions designed for every issue, and every skin type. Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care.

Nails care

Designing outstanding and nourishing care surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere to pamper yourself. Keep your nails strong and healthy.

Massage treatment

A natural approach towards wellness. A therapy dedicated to revitalizing your spirit. A treatment that allows you to experience tranquility in order for you to clear your mind, and heal your body.

Laser Hair Removal

One of the fastest methods of permanently getting rid of unwanted hair. Innovative techniques and services delivered by professionals for an outstanding satisfaction and desired results.

Cellulite treatment

An exceptional treatment with outstanding, and immediate enhancements to cellulite. A prominent therapeutic technique that stimulates collagen growth achieving a revived skin.

Ultra tone

A service designed for individuals who aim to maintain or recapture a youthful appearance. Ultra tone is a technique that helps you escape the consequences of your hectic lifestyle, and achieve the shape you desire

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